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Why don’t I receive emails?

Why don’t I receive emails?All emails sent out by DocRead are sent using a separate application called the Collaboris Notification Scheduler. If you aren’t receiving emails it’s highly likely to be one of the following reasons :The Collaboris Notification Service isn’t installed and / or configured. Please read this the section on the Scheduler towards […]

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Downloadable background templates for your Power BI reports

Downloadable background templates for your Power BI reportsPower BI allows you to create amazing visualizations from your data. Once you have worked out the best way to summarize and display your data, adding a background can make your dashboard really stand out. The examples below show the same information, with and without background images. Hopefully you […]

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Creating an Audience report for your document

Who has read your key documents?Ensuring the right people have read and understood key documents is key to any compliance process. After spending precious time creating your policies, procedures and other important documents, you need to make sure they have the desired effect. The relevant employees need to thoroughly understand your expectations and standards. Today’s […]

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Troubleshooting Reading Tasks in DocRead

Troubleshooting Reading Tasks in DocReadNote: The information in this post relates to DocRead for on-premises SharePoint only.  If you are wondering why you have no ‘Reading Tasks’ when you have assigned a ‘Required’ or ‘Recommended’ document to a group or audience of users this post will help you resolve and troubleshoot the most common reasons.Reading Tasks […]

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