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RN27: DocRead and DocSurvey for SharePoint V3.5 (3.5.19028.1).

RN26: DocRead & DocSurvey for SharePoint V3.5 (3.5.19028.1)28th January 2019   ​This is a minor release with bug fixes. Bug FixesIn some rare situations DocRead can save an obfuscated stack trace when reporting errors which can corrupt the SharePoint object store.In some cases Publishing and Expiry dates display the wrong dates when saved in a site configured for […]

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Advanced DocRead reporting options

DocRead includes a comprehensive, easy to use reporting suite to help you interrogate and understand the status of all reading tasks, descriptions of which can be found in the DocRead Administrators Guide in the Documentation Centre here. If you wish to perform additional queries on the DocRead database we have a SQL database view that […]

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Using pictures in DocSurvey quizzes

DocSurvey can be used to create quizzes and questionnaires with the DocSurvey question type allowing multiple answers to be provided, from which the user must choose the single correct answer. Using this question type means that DocSurvey can then mark the answers provided and calculate an overall score for the test, which is great if […]

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Local Language options within DocRead

There is scope in DocRead to display messages to end users in your local language. Whilst DocRead menus within SharePoint Settings and Administration notes, hints and descriptions will always appear in English, DocRead provides the functionality to provide key instructions and messages in local languages in the DocRead task panel and emails sent via the […]

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Types of audiences that can be used by DocRead

DocRead uses the SharePoint API to get the list of users that have been assigned to a DocRead audience. Because of limitations with this API DocRead audiences can only contain individual windows users, SharePoint Groups, ASP.Net roles, standard Windows security groups and SharePoint audiences. Active Directory Universal security groups and distribution lists are not supported. […]

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RN25: DocRead and DocSurvey for SharePoint V3.5 (3.5.18012.3).

RN24: DocRead & DocSurvey for SharePoint V3.5 (3.5.18012.3)17th January 2018   ​This is a minor release with bug fixes. Bug FixesCharting solution was targeting SharePoint 2016 which was causing deployment errors on SharePoint 2010 and 2013 (bug introduced on previous release).Installer was disabling Charting  Web Part feature during the installation.DB logger throws an exception if we try to […]

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