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DocRead 365 release notes – V1.0.16

DocRead SharePoint App – Release 1.0.16 In this post, I’ll cover the latest enhancements introduced in the DocRead SharePoint app version 1.0.16Search by user group name instead of audience name We have listened to customer feedback and upgraded the search feature in the SharePoint app. Now, you can look for assignments and receipts by user […]

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How to Add Users to a SharePoint Group

How to Add Users to a SharePoint Group DocRead for SharePoint is the only policy management software that integrates straight into SharePoint and allows compliance professionals to distribute and track their policies and procedures. When speaking with customers, I often need to supply them with quick “how to” guides that help remind them how to do some of […]

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What happens when an audience is removed from a DocRead configured document?

What happens when an audience is removed from a DocRead configured document?Note: The information in this post relates to DocRead for on-premises SharePoint only. This blog post will explain what happens to tasks and reading receipts when a SharePoint Group or SharePoint Global Audience is removed from a previously configured document in DocRead for SharePoint. Let’s assumed […]

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Amend the Owstimer.exe.config to support DocRead under FBA

Amend the Owstimer.exe.config to support DocRead under FBAIf you choose to use a different authentication mechanism such as FBA that requires a ‘Role’ and ‘Membership’ provider specified in your web.config then you will also need to copy these entries to your owstimer.exe.config file. Here’s an example of a working owstimer.exe.config file that is set-up to use Extradium. […]

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Creating an Audience report for your document

Who has read your key documents?Ensuring the right people have read and understood key documents is key to any compliance process. After spending precious time creating your policies, procedures and other important documents, you need to make sure they have the desired effect. The relevant employees need to thoroughly understand your expectations and standards. Today’s […]

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How to delete a Survey

How to delete a SurveyNote:  This content applies to the on-premise version of DocRead only. For the Office 365 version have a look here. To delete a survey you first need ensure that it is not attached to any document or else the users will receive an error if they try to complete it via the document […]

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