The Future of Healthcare Compliance: Emerging Trends and Challenges

The Future of Healthcare Compliance: Emerging Trends and ChallengesIn recent years, healthcare compliance has become an increasingly important issue in the industry. The rise of digital health technology and the changing landscape of regulations and policies have led to new challenges and opportunities for compliance professionals. This blog post will explore some of the emerging […]

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The cost of non-compliance

The cost of non-compliance: risks and consequencesCompliance refers to the act of adhering to rules, regulations, and laws that govern a particular industry, organization, or country. Non-compliance, on the other hand, is the failure to comply with these regulations. Non-compliance can have severe consequences, including legal, financial, and reputational risks. In this blog post, we will […]

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How to configure alerts in SharePoint 2016

How to configure user alerts in SharePoint 2016SharePoint Alerts are an important feature available in all the versions of SharePoint 2019, 2016 and 2013 as well as SharePoint Online. They are a great built-in mechanism for SharePoint that allows us to send out notifications (emails) to users and group of users based on the changes […]

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