How do you know if your new employees have read and understood key documents?

How do you know if new employees have read key documents?When a new employee joins your organization a smooth onboarding process will ensure they transition to their role effectively. The new employee will want to complete the onboarding process quickly so they can begin their new role. You want to ensure they have completed all […]

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Best Practices for your SOPs

Best Practices for your SOPsSOPs are used to create a standard operating procedure for any process or procedure in an organization. They are used by management and staff to ensure the same steps are followed each time a task is completed. Each unique task should have its own SOP, which means an organization may need […]

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Common problems organizations have with SOP’s

Common problems organizations have with SOP’s (and their solutions)Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are essential for any organization that wants to achieve consistency and efficiency in its operations. SOPs are documents that outline the steps required to complete a task or process. They also serve as a reference for employees to ensure that they follow the […]

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