DocRead for SharePoint Server

DocRead for SharePoint server helps ensure staff compliance by effortlessly requesting that staff read and acknowledge your policies and procedures in a fully trackable process.

DocRead is packed full of great features


Tired of reminding staff to read your company documents? DocRead eases your frustration by making it a breeze to ask staff to read information & acknowledge completion by a deadline you set.


Many organizations require staff to read several documents at the same time. Alerting staff can be really time-consuming and cumbersome. Our Web Part consolidates all of their tasks into one easy-to-find place. 


Assigning documents to one individual at a time can be very laborious. DocRead enables you to target entire SharePoint groups and AD groups to give you your day back.


It's crucial that you are able prove who has and hasn't read a document so that you can be fully compliant. DocRead Receipts are stored indefinitely for every acknowledgement.


Make the process of chasing slowcoaches hassle free, by slicing and dicing up to the second exportable reports. Say goodbye to constantly monitoring your email inbox for confirmations!


If you really need confidence that staff also understand the contents of your documents why not assign a quiz or ask competency based questions and set a pass-rate using DocSurvey?

Get your most important content read!

Save time by using SmartMove within DocRead. Don't worry about leavers, joiners or people moving between teams. Just set up tasks against teams and departments and DocRead will make sure the right people ALWAYS get the right tasks at the right time.

  • Use DocRead for Policies and Procedures
  • Assign training and on-boarding materials
  • Make sure your staff remain compliant
  • Make sure your staff are kept up to date with the latest information
  • Relax as DocRead removes hours of administrative effort
  • Compatible with SharePoint 2019, 2016 and2013
  • Using Office365? Find out more here
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DocRead is used by organizations all over the world to ensure that staff are reading documents, watching videos and filling in forms!

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I am so impressed by the support team at Collaboris. They are always fast to respond to my support requests and are very helpful. Wow. #DocRead"

Lise Rasmussen


DocRead has enabled us to see a massive efficiency improvement... we are now saving 2 to 3 weeks per policy on administration alone.

Nick Ferguson

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals

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