Our world revolves around Compliance

DocRead by Collaboris is a powerful add on for SharePoint that helps you distribute and manage your vital policy documents across your workforce - however large or small.

DocRead for SharePoint allows policies (or anything in a SharePoint list!) to be distributed, tracked and confirmed without leaving SharePoint. Combine the power of fast and accurate targeting with up to the second Reports and keep on top of the job of keeping staff up to date with ease.

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DocSurvey lets you check the level of understanding for a document or item you send. You can test, get feedback or just gather information using this versatile add-on to DocRead. Combine it with DocRead to create powerful compliance workflows or just use alone as your go to form solution.

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We are proud to have co-founded the SharePoint Community way back in 2007 and more recently Collab365. We've helped train over 140,000 people in our virtual summits and also provide services such as a Daily Digest service, online courses and have produced an eBook library of 110+ books.

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Using DocRead and DocSurvey, here are just some of the time savings you can make :-

  • Select Documents to share with a simple click inside your existing SharePoint lists
  • Choose existing individuals and groups from your SharePoint environment and create audiences for your documents in seconds
  • Set deadlines and know that DocRead will monitor completion for you
  • Forget about updating and adding to distribution groups. Use "Smart Move" that comes as part of DocRead and it will keep track for you
  • Find real time reports and target problem areas with simple drill downs and detailed reports. Never have to go hunting for them again

Our customers

Here are just a few of our hundreds of customers. Find out how they are saving time by using DocRead and DocSurvey by visiting our product pages