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Build a policy lifecycle solution with SharePoint and Microsoft 365

Using the in-built features of SharePoint and off the shelf “no-code solutions”, it is possible to move from “out of the box” SharePoint to a fully featured Policy Management solution in a relatively short space of time. This eBook explains how to

  • Create policies and procedures in SharePoint workspaces
  • Create best practices for policy collaboration and approval
  • Target policies to relevant employees and ensure they read them

Standard operating procedures: Beginner's guide

Creating Standard Operating Procedures for your organisation doesn't have to be complicated. This free Standard Operating Procedures manual will introduce you to the whole SOP lifecycle from creation to training and distribution.

  • Each stage of this lifecycle considers a different element of SOP creation
  • Covers technology, people and process considerations for each of the main areas
  • Provides simple considerations, checks, and steps to help ensure success

Mastering compliance culture: A practical guide

Non-compliance can cripple a business with legal issues, fines, and reputation damage. This guide provides easy-to-implement tips to make compliance second nature for your team. Follow our advice on policy development, training, reporting procedures, and more to protect your company. Don't let compliance concerns hold your business back.

  • Get clear direction on pragmatic compliance strategies for small teams
  • Learn how to integrate compliance seamlessly into daily operations
  • Discover affordable tools and solutions for automated compliance

The essential guide to cybersecurity best practices

Cyberattacks can cripple small businesses, causing devastating financial losses and reputational damage. This guide equips you with practical tips to strengthen your cyber defenses without breaking the bank. Follow our advice on password policies, malware prevention, managing social media risks, and more to protect your company's critical assets. Arm yourself with cybersecurity knowledge to avoid becoming the next victim.

  • Learn actionable strategies to improve your cyber defenses immediately
  • Discover how to protect your business data and reputation from cyber threats
  • Gain insights into cost-effective cybersecurity tools and best practices

Maximizing internal communications: The power of Microsoft 365

Finding ways to improve communication and collaboration within your organization is key. This guide shows you how to leverage Microsoft 365 tools like Teams, SharePoint, Forms, and more to boost productivity and streamline workflows, without overextending your budget.

  • Learn how to maximize the value of Microsoft 365 for your organizations communication needs
  • Discover collaboration and automation tools to improve teamwork and workflows
  • Gain insights into cost-effective solutions for streamlining internal communication

The ultimate buyer's guide to policy management software

If you have been tasked with searching for policy management software and are feeling a bit overwhelmed, then this will help. This guide is ideal for the situations where you have to create an RFP and want to understand what to look for in a policy management system.

  • 15 different system requirements are considered 
  • Explains how SharePoint helps to fulfill the requirements 
  • Contains useful links to further your understanding of tools and best practices