Standard Operating Procedures – A complete guide!

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are key to many businesses these days; not only do they document the successful process to maintain a quality product, output or procedure; in many circumstances they are the key to ensuring regulatory compliance.

The creation of a SOP is just one small part of success. The whole lifecycle needs to be considered from creation, through to training and distribution. Then, there needs to be consideration for review and updates during the SOP lifespan.

This Blog is the first in a series describing some of those key elements, picking out some of the pitfalls and areas to focus on. We will also cover technology, people and process considerations for each of the main areas. To help us describe this we have created the ‘SOP Pie’. This diagram shows at a high level the SOP lifecycle

The SOP Pie

In truth there is no such thing as a ‘complete guide’ to SOPs, as the scenarios in which SOP’s are used are almost endless, and every situation has too many different variables to be able to list them all. There are however some quite simple considerations, checks and steps to help ensure success.

In each instalment we will be digging deeper into one of the six ‘slices’ in our ‘SOP pie’. We hope to provide a good insight in order to help ensure you and your organisation are successful and efficient when it comes to SOP’s.

Don’t miss our next blog which will cover the ‘Scope and Purpose’ considerations of the SOP lifecycle!... All of the posts in this series are linked below so you can easily navigate through them: