About us

We started in 2007 as a consultancy company specializing in developing solutions around Microsoft SharePoint. As part of our work, we witnessed the difficulties our customers faced in targeting and tracking their essential, and sometimes life-critical, policies and procedures to key people within their organization. We quickly learned that it is not enough to simply publish your documents on an intranet site and hope that the right people read and understand them. This is where the idea to create DocRead came from. 

When we released the first version of DocRead back in 2011, our first customers reported a saving of 2 to 3 weeks per policy on administration alone when compared with their previous system. At this point, we knew that we had something that could offer tremendous value to our customers. 

We have now supplied DocRead to 100's of organisations all over the world and the feedback has been fantastic and invigorating as we continue to strive and push the boundaries of our own business in all that we do.

Our management team

Hugo Esperanca's Picture

Hugo Esperanca 

Tech lead & Co-Founder 

Hugo is a hands-on Microsoft Solutions Architect, specializing in SharePoint based enterprise solutions, with over 30 years experience. He has been the technical lead in some high-profile SharePoint implementations, including Lloyds TSB Shareview; the first SharePoint Internet site for a financial institution in the United Kingdom. Together with Lloyds TSB some of Hugo's past clients include Microsoft, NHS, BAE Systems, Lloyds of London and CLS. Hugo is also the co-author of the "SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Architect's Guidebook". 

Hugo is the brains behind DocRead and more recently has been the lead architect in the development of DocRead365, the next generation of DocRead for the cloud. 

Helen Jones' Picture

Helen Jones 

Customer success  

Since joining Collaboris in 2008, Helen has been responsible for both new business development and Collaboris' sales strategy. Through this work (and a relentless drive to know DocRead from the inside out) she has become a DocRead product specialist giving her the unique ability to put the benefits it brings into real business terms. Helen is also a fully qualified Management Accountant (CIMA). 

Some of our success stories

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