Our Case Studies

The following Case Studies illustrate how DocRead can be utilised to ensure that staff read and acknowledge your most important documents, such as Policies and Procedures to ensure that they stay compliant with the required regulations. In a few clicks, you can also configure DocSurvey to work with DocRead so that staff can also be tested before being able to confirm. To see other customers using DocRead please take a look at our 'Customers Page'.

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals

The Challenge

Monitoring and managing regulatory compliance has always been a key concern for leading pharmaceutical companies. Improving their business processes was one reason why Peregrine Pharmaceuticals looked for a simple and cost-effective way to target key policies to their employees and to ensure that they were read and acknowledged in a timely fashion. Peregrine originally addressed their requirements with an in-house built solution but found that it wasn’t as elegant or robust as DocRead for SharePoint.


The Challenge

Polarcus had identified the need for a compliance management system capable of integrating closely with their established SharePoint environment. Chiefly for health and safety reasons, the company was seeking a distribution and monitoring solution that allowed ship crew and office staff to read and acknowledge key documents within a given timeframe. Furthermore, it was necessary for that acknowledgement to be recognised when crew members visited other Polarcus vessels, to avoid unnecessary duplication of work.

Ballarat Clarendon College 

The Challenge

To create an environment which ensured that all staff were kept up to date with school policies, many of which had legal or regulatory implications. To achieve this goal, Ballarat Clarendon College needed to be satisfied that all staff had read the policies distributed to them within a given time-frame, and to chase those who had not done so. “Sending notifications for staff readership is invaluable to ensure they have complied with school policies.” Adam Ryan, ICT Manager