Ensure your policies are read on time and by the right people

DocRead for Office 365 is a policy management software that allows organizations to efficiently target, track, and ensure the acknowledgement of important documents without leaving SharePoint

DocRead screenshots

Targeting your policies to the right employees couldn't be easier

DocRead integrates seamlessly into familiar, standard SharePoint screens meaning that within just a few minutes a document can be uploaded, configured, approved and targeted to users.

  • Create custom user audiences for your policies
  • Target any content stored in SharePoint document libraries or lists
  • Target any content stored outside SharePoint by simply targeting its URL
  • Set deadlines for a specific date or for a dynamic number of days 
  • Set recurring assignments to ensure critical policies are read and acknowledged at regular intervals
  • With SmartMove, assignments are dynamically updated to accommodate changes in your audiences

Track and monitor compliance across all your sites

The DocRead Compliance Cockpit summarizes the reading statuses of all assignments across the organization so Compliance Administrators can quickly get the complete picture. 

Screenshot of the DocRead compliance cockpit homepage

Effortlessly manage and complete reading assignments

With a personalized Compliance Dashboard, users gain a clear overview of their reading assignments across all sites. 

The DocRead difference

DocRead seamlessly integrates with SharePoint content, without changing your documents or metadata. It tracks document readership and offers an intuitive interface for easy navigation and use.

Image showing the DocRead user compliance dashboard
  • Integrates effortlessly with your existing SharePoint content
  • Preserves your documents and metadata without any modifications
  • Allows you to manage and track document readership seamlessly
  • Offers an intuitive user interface for easy navigation and use 
  • Leverages the full power of SharePoint while maintaining content integrity and organization

And much more...

Take the DocRead Tour and find out how to publish, process, confirm and track Key documents with DocRead.

See DocRead in action

DocRead SharePoint App

How DocRead allows you to target, track, and ensure the acknowledgement of your important documents without leaving SharePoint.

DocRead Compliance Cockpit

Track employee compliance across all your SharePoint content. Drill down into individual users, documents, groups and libraries.

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DocRead has enabled us to see a massive efficiency improvement... we are now saving 2 to 3 weeks per policy on administration alone.

Nick Ferguson

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals

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