DocRead Smart Move

Smart Move refers to the technology that detects when a user joins or leaves a group or audience. DocRead is able to utilise Smart Move to ensure that your users only ever receive the correct reading tasks.

For example, let’s assume that we have an audience for the 'Sales department' and another audience for the 'Marketing department'. When a user joins the 'Sales department' DocRead will automatically create reading tasks for all documents assigned to the Sales audience. If the user then leaves the 'Sales department' and joins the 'Marketing department' DocRead will automatically delete all incomplete tasks assigned to the user for the 'Sales department' and create new tasks for documents assigned to the 'Marketing department'. All of this happens automatically without any additional administrative intervention.

What are some of the common uses of Smart Move ?

On-boarding Process, Inductions and New Starters

When a new employee joins an organization it is essential that they are made aware of that organizations policies and procedures. Traditionally, this will usually require someone from HR to print out an Employee Handbook, put it on the new starters desk and then ensure they sign an employee acknowledgement form a few weeks later. Sometimes this is done electronically using Email. Both approaches can be very time consuming as it requires a staff member to keep track of which staff have read which documents. It can also result in some employees not acknowledging and confirming that they understand and agree to your policies.

DocRead Makes This Problem go Away!

Using DocRead, it's really easy to configure various documents, stored within SharePoint, to be read and confirmed by a new starter within say, 30 days. Once configured, you don't need to do anything else. This is truly a 'set and forget' process.

As the new starter gets put into AD groups DocRead will intelligently work out that they haven't read a document they need to. At this point DocRead will generate new Reading Tasks for the new starter and give them a set amount of time to read and confirm. Notifications will be sent, and reports will be generated for administrators to track progress.

Secondment and Project Work

People move around organizations all the time. Special projects can be created and staff may be required to move teams for a short period of time. New project documentation may need to be sent and tracked, in order to get the project team up to speed and compliant. Once documents are configured with the correct groups, as soon as an administrator moves the employee into the new groups (for the new team or project), DocRead will take care of the rest.

Multi-Site, Multi-location, Multi-national

For organizations that are geographically dispersed, SharePoint and DocRead join together to provide an essential tool to help disseminate corporate information that is location based. For example, there may be a Health & Safety policy covering the handling of machinery in Washington. As staff move around sites, as long as you configure the correct location based groups to the correct policies, no more effort is required. DocRead will automatically target your location based policies to the staff who work there.

Staff Leavers

In the same way as it's important to assign documents to staff as they arrive in groups, it's also equally important to clear away tasks that are no longer needed. As staff get deleted from AD, or removed from AD groups, DocRead will remove the tasks that are overdue or incomplete. In this situation, negative reading receipts are generated for compliance and auditing purposes. So, as an organization, you can always prove that a staff member never read a document along with a reason why.

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