Collaboris Customer Support Plans

Note:  This content applies to the on-premise version of DocRead only.  

We offer two support plans for on-premises versions of DocRead :

This page explains the features of both offerings to help you make an informed decision about which plan is most appropriate for your organization.

In both cases the plans are annual policies which expire on the anniversary of the initial software purchase. You will lose the right to receive support after such one year period, unless you purchase additional support from Collaboris at additional cost.

Service Scope

The support services provided under this agreement cover the following:

  • Incidents caused by faults in Collaboris software applications and or components.
  • Installation and advice related to installation and configuration of Collaboris software applications and or components.

All other services are considered out of scope, including but not limited to:

  • Information and or advice related to the use, design, configuration or troubleshooting of Microsoft or any other third party organisation or open standards based technologies such as SharePoint, HTML, CSS, Active Directory, SQL server and network connectivity.


Collaboris Support Site

The Collaboris Support site accessible at helpdesk , allows a customer to discuss problems with other users, or look for resolutions in our knowledge-base and forums. Where immediate help cannot be solved, a support ticket can easily be raised and will be triaged and routed to the relevant technician at Collaboris.

Support Incidents

A single support incident may involve several e-mails and offline work in order to be resolved. The Licensee agrees to provide Collaboris with detailed information about the issue encountered and cooperate with Collaboris’ requests for additional information as they attempt to resolve the issue. Collaboris support engineers will make reasonable efforts to resolve your support issues; however, Collaboris does not guarantee that all support issues will be resolved. Bug reports and product feature suggestions are not considered support incidents. Collaboris is not obligated to acknowledge or address product feature suggestions.

Development Licence

Software licence that allows the software to be installed on a single non production SharePoint farm for development and testing purposes only.

Standard Support

Our entry level plan is suitable for organizations requiring an adequate response time and who do not require Development Licenses.


Once you purchase support from us, we will create an account for your organization on our support site which you can use to raise incidents with us.


You can raise up to 10 incidents per year.

3.  MAJOR AND MINOR VERSIONS (available with optional software assurance)

We endeavor to fix known problems in minor releases and introduce new features in major releases.
When you purchase Standard Software Assurance we will automatically make both types of upgrade available to you.


Once a support incident has been raised via our support site, we will respond within 2 business working days. In most cases we strive to provide a resolution within this time, however, depending upon the issue raised this is impossible to guarantee.


As we continue to improve our software and introduce new features, we will invite you to take part in our beta programmes. This will ensure you not only have early insight, but will also allow you to provide input into how it's shaped.

Premium Support

The Premium Software Assurance plan enjoys all of the features of the 'Standard Support' plus these enhanced features.


Once a support ticket has been raised via our support site, we will respond within 1 business working day.


You can raise unlimited incidents per year.

3.  all mAJOR AND MINOR VERSIONS included

We endeavor to fix known problems in minor releases and introduce new features in major releases. Both major and minor versions are automatically available to you.


The Premium plan allows Collaboris software to be installed in up to 5 non-production environments within the registered organization for the period of the plan. Each developer and test licence key will also allow the same number of CALS as the production licence. Development Licenses need to be individually requested to Collaboris


For problems that are best solved by using on-line remote control software such as Microsoft Lync or GotoMeeting we will dedicate a technician to help you resolve your issues via one of these packages.

If you have any additional questions regarding the support packages available, please contact our sales team in the first instance at and they will be happy to help you.