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DocRead for Office365 Video Center

How DocRead365 makes compliance simple

Short 10 minute video showing how to use DocRead for Office 365 to target Policies, Procedures and other important content to your users.

The DocRead 365 Cockpit

The DocRead cockpit provides a convenient way to manage reading compliance across the entire organization. You can easily see the current status of all assignments with the number and proportion of completed, recommended, assigned and overdue assignments displayed in the dashboard.

Feel free to share these videos with your technicians and staff. As new features are added you will find webcasts here. For technical support, please e-mail support@collaboris.com

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DocRead has enabled us to see a massive efficiency improvement... we are now saving 2 to 3 weeks per policy on administration alone.

Nick Ferguson

Peregrine Pharmaceuticals

Feedback for the on-premises version of DocRead.