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Process, Procedure or Policy

Differences between Process, Procedures and PoliciesProcesses, procedures and policies are the guidelines that a company follows to make sure they are operating in a way that is both effective and safe. Every business needs them, however, sometimes it can be confusing as to where one starts and another ends. Often businesses muddle up their use […]

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SOPs Manual

Benefits of having a SOPs manualHaving a SOPs manual will help you have a systematic approach to your work. This will ensure that you are always following the same procedures for every single task or project. A SOP manual is an important document for any business. This is because it provides guidelines on how to do […]

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SOP Manual

Standard Operating Procedures ManualStandard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be the key to ensuring regulatory compliance. In this free SOP manual we have summarized the creation process of Standard Operating Procedures into six main parts: In each stage, we concentrate on the key elements, and identify some of the pitfalls and areas to focus on. Technology, […]

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Downloadable background templates for your Power BI reports

Downloadable background templates for your Power BI reportsPower BI allows you to create amazing visualizations from your data. Once you have worked out the best way to summarize and display your data, adding a background can make your dashboard really stand out. The examples below show the same information, with and without background images. Hopefully you […]

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