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Using a basic SharePoint workflow to approve a policy change

SharePoint workflows can be used for a variety of different purposes, but in this post I’m going to concentrate on how a basic SharePoint Policy Approval workflow can be used when a document / policy or procedure is changed.  The short (<4minutes) video below demonstrates this process in practice. The text below explains the process step […]

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Moving DocRead between SharePoint farms

This post describes how to move a site collection, containing DocRead, between two SharePoint Farms. The instructions on this document should first be tested on a test environment that mimics the live environment. Please note that you cannot move individual libraries or sites where DocRead is installed between Farms because DocRead keeps a reference to […]

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How to make sure your team read and sign documents without using paper.

​How to make sure your team read and sign documents without using paper.The notion of a paperless office has been around for a while. Yet, even in the era of collaborative technologies (such as SharePoint), mobiles devices and information overload, we still don’t seem able to get shot of physical copies. The process of reading […]

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Avoid the SOP management Mistakes

Avoid the SOP Management MistakesOf course, in any work environment, when creating and updating Standard Operating Procedures,  there are numerous considerations; many ways to get it right and many ways to get it wrong. This blog is to highlight some of the most common areas people and teams fail in their SOP management.Not Using The Full […]

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The Shortcut in SharePoint Policy Management

​The Shortcut in Policy Management with your version of SharePointWorking within policy management or compliance teams in large or complex organisations can bring with it many challenges. Not least of which is making sure your business keeps pace with the ever changing policy, regulation and compliance landscape.Where do you feel the pain?Take any one of the […]

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