Standard Operating Procedures Manual

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be the key to ensuring regulatory compliance. In this free SOP manual we have summarized the creation process of Standard Operating Procedures into six main parts:

The SOP Pie

In each stage, we concentrate on the key elements, and identify some of the pitfalls and areas to focus on. Technology, people and process considerations are also considered for each of the main areas. 

Get the free SOP Manual

This free Standard Operating Procedures manual will introduce you to the whole SOP lifecycle from creation to training, distribution, reviews and updates

The six stages of the SOP lifecycle that we focus on in the manual are:

  • The scope and purpose of a SOP - Why you need the SOP? Are you creating a new one, or refreshing an existing one?
  • Audience and Authors - Who it is written by and for? What are their needs? 
  • Format and writing style - What is the best format to get the message across?
  • Testing and adjusting the SOP - Try out your draft. Do people understand? Does it have the desired effect?
  • Distribution and training - Ensure that the wider audience have the tools and skills to put your SOP into practice.
  • Review and update - Has your SOP been implemented as expected? Were there any difficulties? Would a few adjustments here and there improve the impact or increase compliance? 

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