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SharePoint Survey Permissions Explained

SharePoint Survey Permissions ExplainedSharePoint Permissions can be complex at the best of times. After all, we have constructs like inheritance, group / user permissions, permission levels and so on. This post will attempt to tackle some of the security questions that you may have asked when dealing specifically with SharePoint Survey security and permissions. We […]

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How does DocRead differ from Workflow?

How does DocRead differ from Workflow?DocRead for SharePoint is the only policy management software that integrates straight into SharePoint and allows compliance professionals to distribute and track their policies and procedures. We often get asked – why do we need DocRead when we can do it in a workflow? Here’s how DocRead differs from a workflow engine […]

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UI Testing SharePoint

UI Testing SharePointAs part of an on-going series of ‘Testing SharePoint‘ we intend to share some of what we have learnt when trying to automate the testing of a SharePoint add-on called DocRead. These posts will specifically cover functional and integration testing – not unit testing (which is worth a whole conversation on it’s own). To get […]

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Regulatory Compliance – Auditing

Regulatory Compliance – Auditing The ability to verify and follow through a series of events to prove compliance (or not!) is essential. Historical records detailing who, what and how an event occurred are required by most regulatory bodies. Although the word ‘Audit’ sometimes sends a shiver down many a hardened business professionals’ back, immense comfort […]

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How to utilise audience targeting in SharePoint

How to utilise audience targeting in SharePointThis article will explain how to setup and configure audience targeting in SharePoint 2010. Before I get started with the guide, I’d like to mention that an Audience is a part of the User Profile Service Application. To manage a SharePoint Audience you will need to open Central Administration website Application Management—–> Manage […]

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