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How to migrate DocRead from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016

If you are considering migrating your SharePoint 2013 Farm to SharePoint 2016 then please read through this article for steps on how to achieve this. Before proceeding, it’s important that you read ‘migrating between editions‘ to understand how this effects your DocRead and DocSurvey licensing.Preparing your SharePoint 2013 Farm:It is important to know that we only support […]

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Using a basic SharePoint workflow to approve a policy change

SharePoint workflows can be used for a variety of different purposes, but in this post I’m going to concentrate on how a basic SharePoint Policy Approval workflow can be used when a document / policy or procedure is changed. The short (<4minutes) video below demonstrates this process in practice. The text below explains the process step […]

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How to configure alerts in SharePoint 2016

How to configure user alerts in SharePoint 2016SharePoint Alerts are an important feature available in all the versions of SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and SPO. They are a great built-in mechanism for SharePoint that allows us to send out notifications (emails) to users and group of users based on the changes to list items, […]

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How to make sure your team read and sign documents without using paper.

​How to make sure your team read and sign documents without using paper.The notion of a paperless office has been around for a while. Yet, even in the era of collaborative technologies (such as SharePoint), mobiles devices and information overload, we still don’t seem able to get shot of physical copies. The process of reading […]

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Creating a SharePoint Audience for New Employees

How to  create a SharePoint Global Audience for New EmployeesAutomatically identifying a ‘new employees’ group in SharePoint can be achieved really easily using the SharePoint Global Audience function.Global Audiences can be automatically compiled based on a set of rules that you specify. The only restrictions are that this data must be captured and maintained in […]

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Security Management in SharePoint Groups, Permissions and Users

Security Management in SharePoint Groups, Permissions and UsersSharePoint GroupsSharePoint Groups are used to group SharePoint users together to make the administration and maintenance of security in SharePoint easier. By security we are specifically referring to the types of things a user needs can do on ‘things’ in SharePoint, such as :Document / List ItemLibrarySiteSite CollectionPermissionsTo […]

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5 Reasons to use SharePoint for Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Management

5 Reasons to use SharePoint for Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) ManagementIt is fair to say that with the highly regulated world we live in, for many industries, a good Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) management system and approach is the key to achieving regulatory compliance.When people are looking to implement or improve their SOP management system, […]

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Run STSADM commands from SAF

Run STSADM commands from SAFI am pleased to announce that it’s now possible (with release 1.2.3463.00) , to run STSADM commands from the SharePoint Action Framework (SAF). Hence, if you add the standard STSAdm commands (that ship with SharePoint) to the truly awesome collection that Gary Lapointe has developed, (available on his STSADM Blog), you […]

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