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Content Migration using SAF

Content Migration using SAFSAF contains 6 ready-to-use Actions that allow the Exporting and Importing of : – List Items – Lists – Webs The 3 pairs of Actions that allow you to do this, are namely : – ExportListItem & ImportListItem – ExportList & ImportList – ExportWeb & ImportWeb The actions are listed as pairs […]

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SharePoint Best Practice Resources

SharePoint Best Practice Resources10 Best Practices For Building SharePoint Solutions An excellent article covering topics such as App Dev, Testing and Continuous Integration. Best Practices: Common Coding Issues When Using the SharePoint Object Model “Learn common issues encountered by developers who write custom code by using the SharePoint object model” Best Practices: Using Disposable […]

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The SharePoint Deployment Maturity Model

The SharePoint Deployment Maturity ModelMOSS has been the most successful server product Microsoft ever released. Sales are growing much faster than Microsoft ever expected and apparently the UK is outstripping worldwide growth. Unfortunately this quick growth is also highlighting one of the major problems that everyone seems to be struggling with – deployment. I’ve been […]

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Updating SPWeb.RootFolder.WelcomePage not working!

Updating SPWeb.RootFolder.WelcomePage not working!I was recently trying to programmatically set the default (welcome) page of a team site, but my changes weren’t taking effect. As it turns out, this code: contextWeb.RootFolder.WelcomePage = rootFolder.Name + “/” + wikiFileName; contextWeb.RootFolder.Update(); Needs to be changed to work with a local copy of an SPFolder. I haven’t used reflector […]

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SharePoint 2010 Activity Feed Types…

SharePoint 2010 Activity Feed Types…Just a quick note (as a reminder to self). Here’s a list of the Custom Activity Type Names that you can refer to in your code : BlogUpdate DLMembershipChange SharingInterest SocialTaggingByColleague NoteboardPosts SocialTaggingByAnyone SocialRatings INTERNAL_ChangeMarker StatusMessage ProfilePropertyChange Birthday_Reminder Birthday_Today WorkplaceAnniversary_Reminder WorkplaceAnniversary_Today ColleagueAddition TitleChange ManagerChange This is useful for code such as […]

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