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SharePoint 2010 Activity Feed Types…

SharePoint 2010 Activity Feed Types…Just a quick note (as a reminder to self). Here’s a list of the Custom Activity Type Names that you can refer to in your code : BlogUpdate DLMembershipChange SharingInterest SocialTaggingByColleague NoteboardPosts SocialTaggingByAnyone SocialRatings INTERNAL_ChangeMarker StatusMessage ProfilePropertyChange Birthday_Reminder Birthday_Today WorkplaceAnniversary_Reminder WorkplaceAnniversary_Today ColleagueAddition TitleChange ManagerChange This is useful for code such as […]

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Updating SPWeb.RootFolder.WelcomePage not working!

Updating SPWeb.RootFolder.WelcomePage not working!I was recently trying to programmatically set the default (welcome) page of a team site, but my changes weren’t taking effect. As it turns out, this code: contextWeb.RootFolder.WelcomePage = rootFolder.Name + “/” + wikiFileName; contextWeb.RootFolder.Update(); Needs to be changed to work with a local copy of an SPFolder. I haven’t used reflector […]

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Upgrading a custom application to SharePoint 2013

Upgrading a custom application to SharePoint 2013Just before Christmas I was tasked with the wonderful job of getting DocRead (our Policy Management Software for SharePoint) working on SharePoint 2013. I had actually tackled this a couple of weeks before when I reported this here : ‘DocRead’s first day on 2013’. At this point, although things appeared […]

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