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What is Regulatory Compliance and how it affects your business

What is Regulatory Compliance and how it affects your businessWhat is Regulatory ComplianceRegulatory compliance is the process of meeting regulatory requirements. The regulations are usually enforced by a regulatory body such as a government or an industry association to help organizations stay in business and avoid penalties and sanctions imposed by the regulator.Regulatory compliance has […]

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DocRead Modern Experience Pack Installation

DocRead Modern Experience Pack installation instructionsThe video below shows how to install the DocRead Modern Experience Pack in your SharePoint 2019 farm. The Modern Experience Pack is an add-on for DocRead that brings all the DocRead functionality to SharePoint 2019 Modern Experience. Please noteBefore you proceed with the installation shown on the video below you […]

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RN30: DocRead and DocSurvey for SharePoint V5.0 (5.0.21281.2).

DocRead & DocSurvey V5.0Note: The information in this post relates to DocRead for on-premises SharePoint only. 2nd December 2021  – Build 5.0.21281.2Improvements and bug fixesFixed issues with the web-parts loading overlay in Classic Mode.Fixed issues with dynamically loading data in the task panel.  Performance improvements in loading data from web-services.Modern Experience Pack for SharePoint 2019New DocRead task list […]

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SharePoint Survey Permissions Explained

SharePoint Survey Permissions Explained SharePoint Permissions can be complex at the best of times. After all, we have constructs like inheritance, group / user permissions, permission levels and so on. This post will attempt to tackle some of the security questions that you may have asked when dealing specifically with SharePoint Survey security and permissions. We […]

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5 Reasons to use SharePoint for Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Management

5 Reasons to use SharePoint for Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) ManagementIt is fair to say that with the highly regulated world we live in, for many industries, a good Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) management system and approach is the key to achieving regulatory compliance. When people are looking to implement or improve their SOP management system, […]

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SPFX apps in SharePoint 2019

Configure SharePoint SP2019 to support SPFx applicationsThis post describes how to configure your on-premise SharePoint 2019 farm to allow you to deploy and run SPFx applications. The instructions below will take you through the steps required to install each pre-requisite. Depending on the status of your farm, you may already have some of the pre-requisites installed […]

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