The Importance of an Internal Communications Strategy: Boosting Engagement, Compliance, and Productivity

Effective internal communications are crucial for the success of any organization. A well-crafted internal communications strategy can significantly enhance employee engagement, compliance, productivity, and onboarding processes. In this blog post, we'll explore why having an internal communications strategy is essential and how it can be enriched by including external content. We'll also discuss how tools like DocRead can enhance your strategy with advanced content targeting capabilities and real-time dashboards.

Boosting Employee Engagement

  • Improved Communication Flow:  A robust internal communications strategy ensures that employees receive timely and relevant information, fostering a sense of inclusion and engagement. Regular updates, interactive portals, and personalized content keep employees informed and motivated.
  • Encouraging Interaction: Internal communications should encourage interaction through forums, discussion boards, and social features. This not only helps build a collaborative environment but also makes employees feel heard and valued.

Enhancing Employee Compliance

  • Clear Dissemination of Policies: An effective internal communications strategy ensures that company policies and procedures are clearly communicated to all employees. This reduces misunderstandings and ensures everyone is on the same page regarding company expectations and standards.
  • Tracking Acknowledgments: Ensuring that employees have read and understood key documents is crucial. Incorporating tools that track acknowledgments and compliance can ensure that important information reaches the right employees and is acted upon.

Improving Productivity

  • Centralized Information: By centralizing information in a single platform, employees can quickly access the resources they need without wasting time searching through various sources. This boosts productivity and efficiency.
  • Streamlined Processes: An internal communications strategy that integrates with tools like SharePoint can streamline workflows, making it easier for employees to collaborate, manage tasks, and stay organized.

New Employee Onboarding

  • Comprehensive Onboarding Programs: A well-defined internal communications strategy includes a structured onboarding program that ensures new employees receive all necessary information and training materials promptly. This helps new hires integrate faster and more effectively into the company culture.
  • Automated Delivery of Onboarding Content: Automating the delivery of onboarding documents and training materials ensures that new employees receive everything they need without delay. Tools that target onboarding content to new hires and track their progress can be very effective.

Integrating External Content

  • External Training Programs: Including links to external training programs in your internal communications strategy ensures that employees have access to necessary skill development resources. Embedding these links within your internal communications platform makes training easily accessible and trackable.
  • Government and Regulatory Updates: Keeping employees informed about changes in legislation and regulatory requirements is crucial for compliance. Including links to relevant government websites and updates within your internal communications strategy ensures that the right employees stay informed about necessary changes.
  • Industry News and Resources: Providing employees with access to industry news and resources keeps them updated with the latest trends and developments. This not only enhances their knowledge but also prepares them to adapt to industry changes effectively.

Content Targeting and Compliance Tracking

  • Targeting the Right Employees: An effective internal communications strategy involves targeting content to the right employees based on their roles, departments, or other criteria. This ensures that relevant information reaches the intended recipients without overwhelming others.
  • Employee Attestation: To ensure compliance, it’s important to require employees to attest that they have read and understood key documents. This can be tracked through tools that provide automated reminders and reporting features.
  • Compliance Tracking: Managers need to track the dissemination and acknowledgment of important content. Compliance tracking tools provide detailed reports on who has and hasn’t acknowledged receipt of documents, making it easy to follow up and maintain records for auditing purposes.

Enhancing Your Strategy with DocRead

For companies already using SharePoint to store their content, DocRead can significantly enhance your internal communications strategy with its advanced content targeting capabilities and real-time dashboards.

  • Advanced Content Targeting Capabilities: DocRead can significantly enhance your internal communications strategy with its advanced content targeting capabilities. It allows you to target content to individual users or groups within the organization, ensuring that the right information reaches the right people.
  • Smart-Move Feature: DocRead's smart-move feature automatically detects when a user joins or leaves a group and adjusts the content accordingly. This dynamic adjustment ensures that employees always receive relevant information based on their current role and group membership.
  • Targeting Internal and External Content: DocRead provides the ability to target any content, whether internal or external. This includes linking to external training programs, regulatory updates, and industry news, making it a versatile tool for comprehensive internal communications.
  • Real-Time Dashboards: DocRead offers real-time dashboards that give compliance and content managers the assurance that their content is being read on time and by the right people. These dashboards provide instant visibility into who has and hasn’t acknowledged receipt of important documents, making it easier to manage compliance and follow up as necessary.
  • Enhanced Security and Control: By integrating directly with SharePoint, DocRead ensures that your content remains secure within the existing SharePoint environment. This eliminates the need to move content to external systems, maintaining robust security measures and control over your documents.


A well-crafted internal communications strategy is vital for any organization aiming to improve employee engagement, compliance, productivity, and onboarding. By integrating external content and focusing on targeted communication, companies can ensure that the right information reaches the right employees at the right time. Tools like SharePoint and DocRead can significantly enhance these efforts by providing the necessary infrastructure and tracking capabilities.

Investing in a comprehensive internal communications strategy is not just about improving communication. It’s about building a more informed, engaged, and productive workforce. Start developing your strategy today to see the positive impact on your organization’s culture and performance.

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