How do you know if new employees have read key documents?

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When a new employee joins your organization a smooth onboarding process will ensure they transition to their role effectively. The new employee will want to complete the onboarding process quickly so they can begin their new role. You want to ensure they have completed all stages of the onboarding process thoroughly and understand your expectations and standards. Reading and understanding key documents is an essential part of this process. Today's modern systems can help achieve both of these objectives!

As part of the onboarding process, key policies, procedures, SOP's and other important documents relevant to their role will need to be read and understood. The sooner they can get up to speed with your organizations way of doing things, the better. Not only will they understand what is required of them, they will also feel productive, part of the team and have confidence in their ability to perform their role well. 

With DocRead, HR Managers tasked with ensuring compliance can rest easy knowing that every document has been read by the relevant people.

Automatic detection of new employees

With Smart Move, DocRead can automatically detect when new employees join the organization, move departments or join different work groups. 

This can be a huge time-saver as you won't have to manually trigger those changes and the onboarding process can begin. 

Automatic issuing of relevant documents and policies

After DocRead has detected changes in personnel using Smart Move, it will automatically send them details of all relevant policies, procedures and other documents.

The DocRead task will require them to confirm that they have read and understood the information.

You can configure a statement along the lines of "I have read and understand this document" to meet your requirements. 

Are your policies read on time and by the right people?

DocRead makes compliance simple

Automatic tracking of DocRead tasks

DocRead will track the status of the DocRead tasks created in the previous stage.

Email reminders can be automatically sent if tasks are not completed in a timely manner.

The emails can also be sent to the users line manager to escalate the issue and encourage compliance.

Real Time Dashboards

Up to the minute dashboards allow you to quickly see who has or has not completed their tasks.

The standard reports also provide ample details for compliance reporting and audit trails.

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