How does DocRead deal with Reading Tasks when versioning is enabled on a document library?

The way that DocRead deals with libraries with versioning enabled is:

  1. DocRead will not touch any documents in draft stage. Documents will only be processed by DocRead once they are published and approved.When DocRead generates reading tasks for Documents the task will always point to the latest version of a document
  2. When the task gets completed DocRead will register the version of the document at the point that the task was marked as completed. DocRead will also register the document version on the reading receipt that is automatically generated when the reading task gets completed.
  3. When a new version of a document is published DocRead will not automatically re-issue reading tasks to users that have already acknowledge that they have read the document. If you want to force those users to read the document again then you need to select “Reset tasks” on the document properties. This will clear all tasks (even the ones that have already been completed) and re-issue new tasks to everyone ( even to the users that have already read the document).