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How to upgrade the Collaboris Notification Scheduler

How to upgrade the Collaboris Notification SchedulerThe Collaboris Notification Scheduler is responsible for issuing all of the emails associated with DocRead tasks. Emails can be sent when tasks are assigned, completed or fall overdue. If you need upgrade the Notification Scheduler it’s fairly straight forward, but you must remember to back-up 3 config files first. […]

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How to delete a Survey

How to delete a SurveyTo delete a survey you first need ensure that it is not attached to any document or else the users will receive an error if they try to complete it via the document (i.e. when they select “Complete Survey” on the document library Ribbon or when they try to complete a […]

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Why don’t we send DocRead e-mails using SharePoint?

Why don’t we send DocRead e-mails using SharePoint ?All e-mails in DocRead are sent using the DocRead Notification Scheduler service (not using the email functionality that SharePoint offers). This means that the DocRead Notification Scheduler is a Windows Service that can run on a Windows Server that doesn’t require SharePoint. At the time we designed scheduler, we thought long […]

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