Where is all the data stored in DocRead?

Virtually everything is stored in the DocRead database – however, there is also configuration stored in SharePoint allowing us to embed DocRead into it so tightly.

The following list details all of the types of information that are stored for DocRead and where they are stored.


– SharePoint (Config Database) : A List of web applications DocRead is enabled on
– SharePoint (Config Database) : Timer job settings – schedules,
– SharePoint (Config Database) : DB Settings – Name and server,
– DocRead : List of all audiences used by DocRead and the users
– DocRead : All customised terms and messages
– DocRead : Email Templates

Web Application Level

– DocRead : List of all web apps where feature is activated
– SharePoint (Config Database) : List of where the DocRead Web Application Features are activated.

Site Collection Level

– DocRead : Stores a list of the site collections that have DocRead features activated
– SharePoint (Content Database) : DocRead Site Collection Features on / off
– SharePoint (Content Database) : Required and Recommended Site Columns

Site Level

– DocRead : Stores a list of sites that have DocRead features (+ Reporting Features) activated.
– SharePoint (Content Database): DocRead Site Features on / off
– DocRead : List of Groups used by DocRead and their members

Document Level

– DocRead : Stores a list of document libraries and columns
– DocRead : All tasks, documents, and groups
– SharePoint (Content Database) : List Receivers, Required and Recommended metadata settings