How to disable DocRead Assigned Emails

Depending on your situation, you may need to disable assigned emails from being sent out with DocRead. This can be a for a few reasons such as :

  1. You are just starting with DocRead and have a large backlog of documents that need reading. To assign them all at once will generate emails for each one.
  2. You don’t want the email to be sent at all for whatever reason.

To disable assigned emails please follow these steps : 

1. Navigate to the directory where you installed the DocRead Notification Scheduler. (This will probably be : C:\Program Files\Collaboris\DocRead\Scheduler\).

518-12. Open “Jobs.Config” in Notepad.

3. Find the “Job” Xml element that relates has an “name” of  DocReadNewNotifications. (e.g.”<name>DocReadNewNotifications</name>”).

4. Save the file

5. Restart the scheduler.

What if I re-enable them won’t this flood users with assigned emails ?

Assigned emails are only sent if it makes sense to do so at the time the job runs. For example, if a task is already confirmed / completed, then an assigned email will not be sent.