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SharePoint Survey Permissions Explained

SharePoint Survey Permissions Explained SharePoint Permissions can be complex at the best of times. After all, we have constructs like inheritance, group / user permissions, permission levels and so on. This post will attempt to tackle some of the security questions that you may have asked when dealing specifically with SharePoint Survey security and permissions. We […]

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SharePoint Survey Results Analysis

SharePoint Survey Results AnalysisThere are a few options once you are ready and would like to analyze SharePoint Survey Results. Three views are available to you “out of the box” and also the option export to spreadsheet. Below we will discuss the various options available to you to analyze the SharePoint Survey Results you have worked hard to collect! Overview […]

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Linking a SharePoint Survey to a document

Linking a SharePoint Survey to a document If you have created a survey, quiz or questionnaire using DocSurvey for SharePoint and want to link it to a specific document then you can easily achieve this by following these simple steps. Different versions of SharePoint have different requirements, so scroll down the page to find the ones you […]

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