Our new quiz component will allow you to ask questions about your policies

We are now well under way with the development of our new add-on module for DocRead called DocSurvey. DocSurvey’s main purpose is to allow DocRead administrators to configure a quiz or survey at the time that the user wants to confirm a policy. If they pass the quiz they can confirm the document.

DocSurvey will also be able to operate as a stand-alone component from DocRead. This means if you want to simply create a quiz or course and e-mail it to users, you will be able to do so.

What features will DocSurvey have ?

DocSurvey makes use of the out of the box SharePoint Survey features and extends them to make them better and also adds quiz and testing functionality. Here’s what’s going to be in it.

  • Supports as many scoring questions (and non-scoring questions) as needed.
  • A new media question control will allow images, html, videos or audio to be embedded in a question, making it great for e-learning uses.
  • Questions can be grouped and split onto multiple pages.
  • A new web part will enable quizzes and surveys to be embedded on any SharePoint web part page.
  • Quiz Administrators can specify required pass rates as a percentage.
  • Quiz Administrators can access reports to see who passed which questions.
  • Quiz takers are (optionally) presented with a certificate confirming whether they passed or failed.
  • In addition to these features, it will also enjoy all of the great features that ship with the existing SharePoint survey.

How will DocRead use the new quiz ?

A new quiz containing questions that ensure that a user has understood the contents of a policy can be created. Once saved, it can then be connected to the DocRead enabled document.

When users are required to read the policy they will then be re-directed to your quiz and must achieve the pass mark you set. If they pass they may continue and confirm that they have read the document. If they fail they will be unable to confirm and must retake the quiz.

DocSurvey could also be used to not only test the user’s knowledge, but also to gather feedback on what they though of the policy or document.

Using DocSurvey reports you will quickly be able to see which questions your users are failing on, which in turn can act as a great trigger to amend and clarify that area of your policy.

When’s it going to ship ?

We don’t have an exact date yet, as we want to make sure it’s right, although we are aiming for Summer 2013.

Will I be able to buy DocSurvey as a stand-alone component ?

Not at first. Although DocSurvey can be used separately from DocRead (as a standalone quiz component), it can only be done so by customers who have installed and purchased DocRead. If demand dictates, we will consider releasing DocSurvey as a separate product, but for now, our main focus is to continue to improve DocRead.

What will DocSurvey cost

If a customer requires DocSurvey it can be bought as a paid add-on for DocRead. This cost will be calculated on the number of licenses purchased for DocRead.

DocRead for SharePoint is the only policy management software that integrates straight into SharePoint and allows compliance professionals to distribute and track their policies and procedures.