Downloadable background templates for Power BI reports

Power BI allows you to create amazing visualizations from your data. Once you have worked out the best way to summarize and display your data, adding a background image can make your dashboard really stand out. At the bottom of this post, you will find some free background templates to download and use.

The examples below show the same information, with and without background images.

Image showing Power BI report with no background image
Image showing Power BI report with a background image

Hopefully you agree that the background images help make the Power BI report information look more interesting. 

Creating background template images for your Power BI reports is not difficult (I've added a link at the bottom of this post explaining how to do it). However, if you'd rather use existing pictures, then check out the Free Power BI Templates Download links below. 

Free Power BI Templates Download

If you don't have access to a whizzy graphics package then you can make simple images to use in Power BI. Here are some sample dashboard images that you are welcome to download and use. They are Word documents, so you can easily edit them to change color schemes and tweak images etc. 

Once you are happy with the format, you need to save it as a picture to upload to Power BI. I used a simple screenshot and saved as a .jpg file to make my Power BI template.

Would you like to make your own background images?

This post explains how I created the Power BI dashboard templates and how to use them in Power BI.

I hope you've found these Power BI dashboard template downloads useful. Have fun making your own reports in Power BI.

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