How to display a comment to users as they complete a reading assignment

To add a comment relevant to a document that you want users to see on DocRead emails or task notifications you must first select a text column to use (or create a new one)

  1. Go to the DocRead Site Settings page:         222-1
  2. In the Document Library section select the site document library you wish to use and then select a text field from the drop down list provided as a ‘Comments Column’. In this example I have created a new column called ‘DocRead comments’. Click ‘OK’ to save your changes. Please note that when an item from this document library is assigned to users by DocRead the entry made into this field will be displayed to the users in their email notifications and in the ‘three tab reading window’.


  1. When assigning a particular document from this document library, this field will now be displayed in the ‘edit properties’ screen as shown below.