How to add video to a SharePoint page in under 5 minutes

Adding videos to SharePoint online or Office 365 pages is quite simple and only takes a few steps.

1) Create a new page to hold the video

Navigate to the site where you want to the page to be added and select the Settings Cog, then select "Site contents"

image showing how to select site contents

Select the Site pages library and select "+ New"

image showing the new site page button

Select "Site Page"

image showing the new site page option

2) Style your new page

You can style your new page as you like. To add a video, you need to add a web part into your preferred area of the page. There are several different options, depending on where your video is stored. 

Click on the "+" in the area of the page you want the video to be displayed, type "Video" into the search bar to view the available options and select the one you want.

Your video will be displayed in the page.

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