DocRead v2.0 Roadmap

DocRead v2.0

Quizzes on documents

To support simple scenarios, where proof that a user has actually ‘understood’ the contents of a document is required, a set of multi-choice questions can be set against a document. The results will be stored and available for viewing within the ‘reports’ section. The document publisher will also be able to set a pass-rate allowing only those users who achieve the pass-rate to confirm and sign the document. Please read more on quizzes in this blog post.

Future Releases

These following features have been requested by our customers but are not currently planned for any particular release. The features we add into the product are usually based on customer demand. If you would like to see a particular feature, then please suggest it (or vote on an existing one) in our ‘New Features’ forum.

CFR Part 11 Compliance : Digital Signatures

To achieve CFR Part 11 Compliance, each user will be required to enter their user name and password at the time of confirming the document / policy. They will also be presented with the reason whey they are required to digitally sign the document.

Multi-language support

By very popular demand, this feature will allow DocRead to support multiple languages, by offering the following:

  • Ability to transmit email messages in the language that matches the language of the site that stores the document. (aka variation).
  • Ability to configure terms and conditions in a language of choice.
  • Ability to show all DocRead labels and text in the language of the users browser.

Chain Reading Requests

This feature will allow DocRead to automatically create a new reading task when a predecessor task has been completed. This feature has many many uses, for example, for ‘New Starters’ – as part of an induction pack – you may need an employee to read the ‘Employee handbook’ in their first 2 days, then after reading that, you need them to complete ‘Health & Safety Policy’. It will be ideally suited to tasks that have prerequisite tasks.

Customise Email Templates

Many of our customers asked that they need to be able to customise email templates easily from within SharePoint. The development of this feature would mean that DocRead would give you the ability to not only customise the templates (via a SharePoint page) at either a Farm, Site Collection, Web or Document level, but also to support multi-lingual needs.

‘Writing Task’ Support

DocRead currently supports the ability to ensure that a user reads and confirms some your most important documents and policies. The concept of a ‘writing task’ builds on this concept, by allowing a DocRead publisher to achieve the following :

  • Request that a group of users complete a new instance of a specified ‘content type’ by a certain time. For example, you will be able to ask that a user complete a ‘health and safety questionnaire’, ‘risk assessment form’, or ‘maths homework assignment’ etc). As with reading tasks, each writing task will be required to be completed within X days and email reminders will be sent.
  • On completion of the new “instance”, this will confirm the writing task as ‘complete’ in the DocRead database. At this point a certificate will be available.

1.4 Release – complete

Along with some important bug fixes around versioning, task management and uninstallation, this release includes the following :

Force ‘read’ on a document

Before a user can confirm the completion of a DocRead assignment, they are required to download the document to their machine first. If for any reason the user does not have permission to view the document, then it will not be possible for them to complete the task until the relevant permission has been granted.

Chart Web Parts

This feature will make available four new Charting Web Parts that allow end-users to visually see the state of their reading tasks in a pie chart. In addition to this, bar charts aimed at document publishers which allow them to see the overall status of documents in the site and a break down of which groups of users have been assigned which documents can be used. Please note charts will only be supported in SharePoint 2010.

Lock audiences

A site owner will be given the ability to prevent document publishers from assigning new documents to groups of users, or amending the audiences for an existing DocRead task for all document libraries within that site. This will effectively prevent new tasks from being created, but does not stop users completing or confirming existing DocRead assignments.