Using DocRead in a hybrid scenario

DocRead needs to be installed into an on-premises version of SharePoint.

It is possible for the same SharePoint Farm to have other sites running in SharePoint Online, but the site where DocRead is installed needs to be fully running on-premises.

It is possible to create a “link” to a document that is stored in the cloud in a SharePoint list and then assign the “link” to the correct group of users using DocRead. When a user tries to complete the DocRead task, the link will take them to the correct document (stored in the cloud) which can then be completed as normal using DocRead. Obviously you need to be sure that the cloud document remains in the same place as, if it is moved, then the link won’t work and the user will be unable to complete the task.

For this reason, it’s recommended that items to be assigned via DocRead are always placed into an on-premises document library or list that remains under your control to ensure that users can always get access to the important information you are trying to share.