The Effect of Reset Task on Receipts

Reset task can be really useful if you already have a policy assigned by DocRead to the relevant audience and simply need to update / refresh the policy and get everyone to re-acknowledge the new policy.

Before we look at what changes when you reset a task, let's take a look at the current status of an existing task.

Image showing initial DocRead site reading report

In this example, 8 people have been assigned the task, with 3 completing the task, 2 have overdue tasks and 3 have assigned tasks (they are not overdue as these people received recommended tasks which don't fall overdue).

Initially version 1 of the document is issued and when we look at the reading receipts report we can see the 3 reading completed receipts as well as one task that was deleted.

Image showing DocRead site receipts report

I amended and saved the document which then became version 2. I then clicked 'reset task' and reviewed the entries in the Receipts table. For the people who initially had completed the tasks the entries were the same, but for the people who had not yet completed the task a negative receipt was generated (because they had not completed the task before it was reset)

Image showing amended DocRead site receipts report

Because the task was reset, each person in the required and recommended audiences was sent a new task to complete. Marilyn completed hers straight away and you can see that she completes version 2 of the document on 15th October 2018.

Image showing completed DocRead task confirmation

When we revisit the Site receipts report again (and sort by version) the new positive receipt from Marilyn has been added at the bottom.

Image showing revised site receipts report

When you look back at the Site Reading Report all references are to the latest version of the document and the current status of the task for each person.

Image showing the final DocRead site report containing all of the updates

If you change the order of your processes and reset the task before updating it, the initial negative reading receipts will be created for version 1 of the document.

If you then update your document to make the necessary changes you run the risk that someone will complete the task while it is still version 1 & without the required changes. It is therefore recommended that you update a document first before resetting the task to require people to re-complete the task.