Policies and Procedures management in SharePoint – 6 ways we are going to help

Over the last 2 years – whilst helping customers benefit from DocRead for SharePoint – we have discussed the management of policies and procedures (within SharePoint) on several occasions. We have found that some organizations are really struggling to understand how SharePoint can help them manage the entire life-cycle, (not just the distribution and tracking side that DocRead helps with).

This can be for a variety of reasons such as SharePoint has only just been adopted (so no training has been given), to issues with inadequate permissions (so business units can’t self-serve).

It is because of this that we have identified that there is a definite need to provide guidance in this area. So to get started, we are planning a big year and are going to attack this on several fronts :

  1. A new Focus Group. We have created a brand new closed discussion group on LinkedIn called “policies and procedures management in SharePoint“. If you are a compliance professional who would like to to share ideas and learn from your peers please join us.
  2. We are blogging regularly about the subject in our own ‘policies and procedures blog‘. (We will also cross post the blogs to the group above so you will be notified as they become available).
  3. We are already maintaining a “Listly” list called Benefits of using SharePoint to manage policies and proceduresPlease feel free to add any other benefits, or vote up certain features.
  4. DocRead for SharePoint – we are now well underway in extending the features that we offer in this area. For example, we will shortly be releasing an add-on module that allows employees to be quizzed before they can acknowledge a policy.
  5. Brand new Whitepaper. We are also busy creating a new whitepaper on the policy management life-cycle and will be sharing that as soon as it’s fit for public viewing. Everyone in the group will get a copy.
  6. New Policy Management Template. To get organizations up and running faster we are busy developing a new SharePoint template that will serve as an effective starting point.

As you can see it’s going to be a very busy year for us at Collaboris!

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