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What are Policies and why they are important!

What are Policies and why they are importantPolicies, procedures, compliance and adherence are terms that are widely used throughout organizations worldwide. However, you could be forgiven for thinking they are the perfect oxymoron! How can a set of rules intended to maintain standards, be so widely and differently interpreted and implemented?Although different organizations create policies […]

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Differences between Processes, Procedures and Policies

Differences between Process, Procedures and PoliciesProcesses, procedures and policies are the guidelines that a company follows to make sure they are operating in a way that is both effective and safe. Every business needs them, however, sometimes it can be confusing as to where one starts and another ends. Often businesses muddle up their use […]

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Benefits and challenges of Knowledge Management

Benefits and challenges of knowledge managementThis post will explore the benefits and challenges of knowledge management as well considering some systems that organizations can use to facilitate knowledge management.BenefitsKnowledge management is a critical aspect of organizational success. When implemented effectively, it can provide numerous benefits. One of the key benefits is that it can lead to […]

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Compliance Training and Tracking

Compliance Training and TrackingCompliance training is a necessary part of any organization. The training ensures employees are aware of the rules and regulations they need to follow in their work. It may not be something everyone enjoys doing, however, it’s importance can’t be understated!Organizations simply cannot be effective without a certain level of compliance. Non-compliance […]

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10 reasons to use SharePoint for policy management

10 reasons to use SharePoint for policy management Policy management and compliance is something every company has to deal with at some point. Even the smallest of organisations have policies and procedures that they need employees to read, acknowledge and subsequently sign up to. Many organisations are already using Microsoft SharePoint as a document management system […]

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Standard Operating Procedures Guide

Standard Operating Procedures – A complete guideStandard Operating Procedures (SOP) are key to many businesses these days. Not only do they document the successful process to maintain a quality product, output or procedure. In many circumstances they are the key to ensuring regulatory compliance. This SOP guide provides an overview of the creation process.The creation […]

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