RN07: DocRead for SharePoint V2.0 (2.0.30804.5)

Note: The information in this post relates to DocRead for on-premises SharePoint only. 

Please note: This is a historic release note and does not relate to the most recent version of the software available. Please visit our release note archive here to view a complete list of published release notes.

4th August 2013

Please Note : This release targets SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 only. Although SharePoint 2007 customers will continue to be supported DocRead for SharePoint 2007 will not be developed any further.


  • DocRead now fully supports SharePoint 2013.
  • 3 New “Line Manager Reports” (not available in SharePoint Foundation, without custom development).
  • All the imagery has been refreshed to be more in line with Microsoft’s “Metro look”.
  • DocRead is now “DocSurvey-Ready” for customers wishing to purchase our “quiz add-on”.
  • The Notification Scheduler is now improved so that a group of people can be included on the Bcc or Cc.
  • An administrator can select what messages Line Managers need to be included on.
  • Code has been refactored into a common WSP, to support multiple products and more efficient installation for customers.
  • Licencing Screen now accepts only “v2” keys.
  • New upgrade mechanism written to support upgrades from 1.5.
  • Document Title added to the Task List Web Part.
  • Document Title added to some Reports.

Fixed bugs

  • When saving a document with a non-text column specified for comments this would result in an Exception.
  • If no tasks were selected in the “task info panel”, all tabs are now disabled.
  • When clicking on the link from an e-mail, this now automatically shows the “Confirm” tab.
  • The dashboard Reports were showing 100 “top documents” this is now limited to 5.
  • IE 10 was causing issues on certain web service calls from SharePoint 2013.
  • When a user confirmed one task (from the document library Task Panel) Force View was off for all.
  • Branding is lost when a custom Master Page is used on the Process Reading Tasks screen.
  • If a user selected “NT Authenticated” then this caused an exception.