RN05: DocRead For SharePoint V1.5 (30108.1)

RN05: DocRead For SharePoint V1.5 (30108.1)

Note: The information in this post relates to DocRead for on-premises SharePoint only. 

Please note: This is a historic release note and does not relate to the most recent version of the software available. Please visit our release note archive here to view a complete list of published release notes.

8th January 2013


  • A BCC and CC can be configured using the DocRead Scheduler to ALL outgoing emails.
  • DocRead Scheduler can be configured to use TLS to the SMTP server. (Required for GMail and Office 365).
  • New report created to show which audiences are assigned to which documents along with a count of tasks.
  • Reporting has been updated to the latest version of Telerik Reporting.
  • Performance improvements made to all reports.
  • Reporting Infrastructure changed to support custom reports using Telerik Report Designer in a subsequent release.
  • DocRead no longer deletes completed tasks if a user leaves a group or audience.
  • Emails are now sent when tasks are ‘reset’.

Fixed bugs

  • If Active Directory was down at the time tasks were processing it caused SharePoint to report an empty group with no exception. As we no longer delete completed tasks, users are no longer required to re-confirm their (previously completed) reading task when AD comes back up.
  • Changes to the document name are now being reflected in the reports and site tasks.
  • SQL Server names containing hashes are now allowed.
  • The “Deleted” and “New” status used in drop down display (which are not valid search options) have been removed.
  • When the database is in ReadOnly mode an error is now displayed in the web settings page so admins know why the audiences control is greyed out. Read Only mode will automatically be set if an upgrade needs to happen.
  • Moving an audience between required and recommended after a user has completed a task now works correctly.
  • The DocRead Toolbar options now appear on all document library types in SharePoint 2007.
  • When a folder name changes the link to the document location remains valid.
  • LicenseInfo ConvertToInt32 sometimes throws an exception – Threading problem.
  • Document links on emails now correctly link to the latest confirmed version.
  • Link to the document in a reading receipt is correctly updated when the document changes location.