What's new in DocRead Version 5.0?

Note:  This content applies to the on-premise version of DocRead only. For the Office 365 version have a look here. 

The new version 5.0 of DocRead brings some performance improvements and bug fixes and a new user interface designed from the ground up to support the SharePoint 2019 Modern Experience guidelines.

DocRead Bug fixes and performance improvements ( SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019 versions)

  • Fixed issues with the web-parts loading overlay in Classic Mode.

  • Fixed issues with dynamically loading data in the task panel.  

  • Performance improvements in loading data from web-services.

Screenshot of several DocRead controls

Screenshot of DocRead Moderm Experience Pack

Modern Experience Pack Released for SharePoint 2019

  • New DocRead task list web part 

  • New DocRead tasks pie chart web part

  • New ECB menu options for modern experience libraries

  • New task panel (shown on the screen)

  • New SharePoint "DocRead Tasks" toolbar option on modern experience libraries

Overview video using DocRead 5.0 with the Modern Experience Pack

This video shows the main functionality of DocRead 5.0 using the new Modern Experience user interface but the same functionality is available in classic experience using the classic DocRead user interface.

Click to play

Click to play

DocRead Modern Experience Pack installation instructions

This video shows how to install the Modern Experience Pack in your SharePoint 2019 farm.

Before you install the Modern experience pack, please ensure that:

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about DocRead version 5.0 or need to contact us for whatever reason, please let us know.