If an employee is added to two different Groups assigned to one document – will they receive duplicate reading tasks?

If a person is a member of two (or more) groups assigned to one document - they will be allocated a task for each! This is great because it’s good for compliance information as it gives extra context to know that an employee was a member of the ‘Health and Safety co-ordination team’ as well as ‘Health and Safety Reps team’ at the time of confirming the task. It also means that, if a user is removed from one of the groups, only the task associated with that group gets deleted and the others remain.

However, for the end-user receiving duplicate tasks is not so great. Who wants to accept two (or more tasks) for the same version of a document?

Here's how DocRead handles it :

  1. They will only ever receive 1 'assigned' email.
  2. If the user confirms any one of the tasks, DocRead will auto-confirm them all, regardless of ‘Required’ or ‘Recommended’ reading status. DocRead will still send a "Reading Completed" email confirmation to the user for each task that was "auto-confirmed" so that the user has a record that the task was completed.
  3. There is also a property on the DocRead web part that you can set to hide 'Duplicate Tasks', so they only see one task.

We think that doing the above gives the best of both worlds.