How to improve your SOP training using SharePoint

A huge problem in business is whether we can be really sure that training on company Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) has genuinely been read, understood and ultimately can be adhered to by staff members.

Should we rely on meetings and phone calls?

One answer would be to make sure that you interview your staff regularly after training them on an SOP. Perhaps you could email them to check or gain their sign-off to ensure they have read the document? You could then test their understanding by asking them questions about the content of the SOP. 

Its very hard in practice to judge how widely a process has been read. Even harder to judge comprehension with any level of certainty.  One of your staff members may be really good at absorbing but may not convey confidence. Another may be super confident but lack understanding...and all the greys in between. 

How do you know if your policies are fully understood?

DocRead can help

How to measure the success of SOP training quickly instead of wasting hours of your day

It would be nice - as the person in control of a Standard Operating Procedure, a protocol or a process - if you could exploit the features of SharePoint to help ensure that, the important document that you sweated hours to create and distribute to a group of people, will be read and fully understood and that you have the full Management Information (MI) to back it up.

Not only that, but if the software allows you to easily view who has and hasn't done what you asked, you can take action at the right time. Instead of spending hours 'being intuitive' about how well your process is being understood or organizing a set of rules in your mailbox to categories replies, you could spend those same hours developing and improving your practices and procedures improve your business.

In the same manner, the time spent convincing your client that your staff have understood and are following the guidance could equally be used showing them readily accessible proof in the form of reports. This benefits you and your client by improving the working processes and building confident relationships.

Sound good? Well, it's absolutely possible. DocRead takes care of the distribution of your operating procedures to an audience (internal or external). When you assign a Process or Procedure to a group or individual for review, the workflows take care of ensuring your staff have read and understood the content (especially when combined with DocSurvey). The MI shows your customers how your staff are doing when it comes to reading and understanding their processes and practices. In the meantime, you can take care of your business and your processes.

It's simple. A few clicks of a button on an existing or new document/video/web page, and it's done. No more hours spent seeking a level of confidence to pass on to your customer. No more worrying if the supplier has done what they say they have. It's all there with DocRead.

We hope you find this useful and thanks for reading.

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