How do I ensure that JQuery used by DocRead does not cause a conflict with my libraries?

We have taken all possible measures to prevent any form of conflict between the jQuery libraries loaded by the DocRead web parts and libraries already loaded by the page.
These include:

  1. DocRead dynamically loads the jQuery script library only if it hasn’t already been loaded by the page or if the loaded version is not compatible with the version required by the web part.
  2. All DocRead jQuery widgets are fully namespaced to avoid potential conflicts
  3. All styles loaded by DocRead ( including the jQuery UI styles) are fully namespaced to avoid conflicts
  4. DocRead will never override the ‘$’ or the’ jQuery’ global variables (even when we load jQuery).

Unfortunately we cannot cover all possible scenarios and there might be some edge cases where conflicts might happen. For these situations you can stop the web parts from loading the jQuery and jQueryUI libraries via their properties.

If you encounter any problems when using DocRead, please contact our technical team for assistance by emailing