Free downloadable Policy Template

Here is a free downloadable policy template to help you standardize policies across your organization. Using a template means your policies follow the same format and are therefore easier for people to understand and follow.

Standardizing policies is a great way to make sure that every aspect of your company is following the same guidelines. It also helps ensure that employees are on the same page and know what they are expected to do. Using a consistent format across all policies provides a level of familiarity for the employees. They will know where to find the information within the policy and how to interpret information the policies contain.

Free policy template

This free, downloadable policy template will help you get started with your organization's policies and procedures. 

Free Absence HR Policy example

See the template in action with an example on how to use it to create an HR Absence Policy.

Take your policies to the next level by integrating them with Office 365

Have a look at how you can integrate your policies with Office 365 by automatically displaying your key policy metadata in SharePoint document libraries.

If you link all of your policies in this way, you can easily use your SharePoint document library as a central repository for all of your policies and review key information easily.

Are your policies read on time and by the right people?

DocRead makes compliance simple

Our DocRead software helps organizations simplify and improve their compliance processes. So, if you want to take your policy management processes to the next level, then please get in touch and we will be happy to help. 

Collaboris has helped guide and advise companies for over 15 years and is committed to continue to do so. We are passionate about helping organizations improve their policy, procedure and SOP processes. Our DocRead software helps organizations simplify and improve their compliance processes. Also, our free guides and resources can help whether you are looking to revolutionize your policy creation process, improve your internal communications or purchase policy management software

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