Assigning tasks to SharePoint Global Audiences with DocRead

Note: The information in this post relates to DocRead for on-premises SharePoint only. 

DocRead allows you to assign tasks to specific groups of people that you select. Each nominated individual receives a DocRead task which they must access and self certify that they have completed.

The Team and Standard Editions allow tasks to be assigned to individuals, SharePoint Groups and Active Directory groups.

The Professional and Enterprise editions allow tasks to be assigned to the groups mentioned above and also allow tasks to be assigned to SharePoint Global Audiences.

Unfortunately it is not possible for all of these selection options to be available at site level. If the option to assign tasks to SharePoint Global audiences is selected on a particular site, the ability to assign tasks to Active Directory groups and individual users will be lost on that site only.

Suggested solution

To get around this limitation we suggest that you separate the policies and documents that require assigning to SharePoint Global Audiences and store them in a different site. Policies, documents and other items that need to be assigned to Active Directory groups could be stored in another site which does not use the Global Audience feature.


Audiences firstly need to be enabled in SharePoint Central Administration. From the Collaboris Settings menu, select 'Global settings'.

And then check the box to enable audiences.

The ability to use Global audiences can then be enabled in the DocRead Site Settings menu on all sites where this feature is required. Note the warning message explaining that this will mean that Individuals and Active Directory groups will no longer be available on this site.