Why aren’t Line Manager Reports working?

Note: The information in this post relates to DocRead for on-premises SharePoint only. 

As of version DocRead 2.0 we introduced some really cool functionality to allow Line Managers to :

  • Get notified (via email) when an employees required reading becomes overdue (or optionally assigned and/or completed).
  • View 3 new Reports showing a break down of the status of all their employees require reading progress.

For a variety of reasons the Line Manager functionality may not work and here are some things to help troubleshoot :

The ‘Manager’ field in Active Directory isn’t configured.

If your organization uses Active Directory and you also synchronize the user properties (including Manager) to the SharePoint User Profile, then it’s essential to ensure that the ‘Manager field’ is populated within AD’ :


The ‘Manager’ property isn’t update in the SharePoint User Profile

DocRead will look at the ‘Manager’ field within each SharePoint User Profile. If this value is empty this prevents DocRead from synchronizing it’s own database.


The ‘Audiences Synchronization’ Timer job isn’t running

When this SharePoint Timer job runs, the Manager is extracted from each SharePoint User Profile. If the job doesn’t run, DocRead will never get updated.


You don’t use Active Directory

If you use a different membership database, then you must ensure that it synchronizes the ‘Manager’ into the SharePoint User Profile. If you don’t use User Profiles, then please read ‘How to sync the AD Line Manager to DocRead using Powershell‘.

You are using SharePoint Foundation or don’t populate the SharePoint User Profile.

If you use SharePoint Foundation then there is no User Profile. So when the ‘Audience Synchronization’ Timer Job runs, it won’t be able to gather the ‘Manager’ information. In this situation you will need to develop and schedule a custom Powershell script to populate the ‘Manager’ within DocRead. Please read ‘How to sync the AD Line Manager to DocRead using Powershell