RN02: DocRead for SharePoint V1.1 (20515.1)

Note: The information in this post relates to DocRead for on-premises SharePoint only. 

Please note: This is a historic release note and does not relate to the most recent version of the software available. Please visit our release note archive here to view a complete list of published release notes.

15th May 2012

New Functionality

  • Added support for SharePoint 2007 (WSS and MOSS)
  • Added support for SharePoint 2010 Foundation
  • Added support for upgrades from previous versions of DocRead
  • Added filter capabilities to the task list web part so that it can be configured to hide completed tasks
  • Added change comments to notification emails.
  • Added capability to lock audiences so that new audiences cannot be assigned to documents on this site. If this option is enabled reading tasks will still be processed and assigned to users as normal but new audiences cannot be assigned to documents.

Fixed bugs

  • Improved DB performance
  • Fixed several uninstall bugs.
  • Fixed Due Date search not working in certain circumstances due to an error with the conversion from local to UTC date