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Audience Targeted Reading

Audience Targeting a document to a group of users couldn't be easier. DocRead integrates seamlessly into familiar, standard SharePoint screens meaning that within just a few minutes a document can be uploaded, configured, approved and targeted to users. DocRead works with any type of content that can be stored in a SharePoint document library including publishing pages (.aspx), office documents, pdfs, videos, images or audio clips for example.

DocRead works hand-in-hand with standard approvals workflow as well as SharePoint versioning. DocRead will not assign documents until the document becomes published and approved.

Required or Recommended Audiences?

  • 'Required Audiences' should be used for 'must read' mandatory documents. These documents will fall overdue if not completed in time and email reminders will be sent. Along with the group name you must also specify the number of days each individual is given to complete their reading task.
  • 'Recommended Audiences' are ideal for those documents that you consider to be non-mandatory or for 'information only'. This can be anything from an Excel spreadsheet presenting your companies yearly results, to a PDF containing details of the venue for your next team party. Unlike required tasks, recommended tasks do not become overdue nor are email reminders sent.

DocRead Smart Stuff

  • DocRead's Smart Move technology ensures that when users move between groups or audiences they are always assigned the correct reading tasks. This makes DocRead ideal for common business processes, such as on-boarding, secondments, project work, 3rd party contractors, leavers and so on.
  • Many important documents (especially policies) need to be read and confirmed by groups of members on a regular basis. This is easily achieved via 'Reset Tasks'. The 'Reset Tasks' check box resets everyone in the specified group (or audience) and resends them a new reading task regardless of whether they completed the original task or not.