DocRead for SharePoint

DocRead is policy management software for SharePoint that helps target policies and procedures to groups of users in your organization. Any item that can be saved into a SharePoint document library or list can be assigned to a specific group of users so you can also assign office documents, videos, images and pdf's for example. Once assigned - DocRead tracks who has and has not acknowledged those documents via a suite of reports and charts. 

DocRead integrates seamlessly into Microsoft SharePoint, meaning that the policy and procedures life-cycle can now be entirely managed and controlled from SharePoint. This removes the need to store and maintain policies in multiple systems and also allows you take advantage of the powerful document management features that SharePoint offers. You may also wish to read more on why policy management in SharePoint is the most sensible choice.

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Feature Highlights

Read and acknowledge policies

Read Sign Policies
Request that your employees read and digitally acknowledge policies and procedures stored in Microsoft SharePoint by a deadline you set.

Target policies to the right people

Target documents  to users
Target policies and procedures to tens of thousand's of users at once, by simply choosing a SharePoint group or rules-based audience.

Track Reading Deadlines 

Track and Report Deadlines
Make the process of chasing non-compliant users hassle free, by slicing and dicing up to the second exportable reports.

Notify staff as policies are published

Email Staff to Read
DocRead web parts and e-mails make it very easy to notify and alert users that they are required to read and confirm a policy stored in SharePoint.

Audit the 'who', 'what' and 'when'

DocRead Receipts
Receipts certify who read a policy and when - acting as a great auditing solution. Receipts can be accessed by the reader and administrators.

Set Quizzes to test understanding 

Ask Staff Questions
DocSurvey is an add-on tool for DocRead that requires a quiz or survey to be completed before the user can confirm.

"Smart Move" - makes it easy to target policies and procedures

Smart-Move"Smart Move" refers to the technology that detects when a user joins or leaves a group or audience. DocRead is able to utilise Smart Move to ensure that your users only ever receive the correct policies and procedures. This makes it ideal for on-boarding, secondments, new project work, external contractors and many other uses. When we ask for feedback, Smart Move is often voted as DocRead's most powerful feature. Read how Smart Move can save you hours of manual administration.