A list of the best SharePoint discussion forums and groups

Both new and experienced SharePoint developers, architects and end-users need to discuss problems and chew over ideas about SharePoint. There are quite a few major forums and groups out there, ┬ásuch as the SharePoint Community Group on Linked, but there are even more! So, to help you find them, here’s a list of the ‘Top SharePoint Discussion forums and groups’. Please vote for your favourites.


Ajay Chander R. - March 28, 2018

Thank you for sharing the wonderful information which i been looking for sharepoint groups . Your information is really helpful to me.

Sagrario Anaya - July 24, 2018

Hi how are you?
please help me,, i’m integrating sharepoint server 2013 with Documentum, but have trouble because the user is in Documentum Administrator like user inline password but it’s an account of ldap in sharepoint site i’m login with domain\account, in the cabinet within documentum the user have permission write and in sharepoint site it’s administrator,

you have any solution??? I thank you all

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