Coming Soon: DocRead365

This new version of DocRead (due to be released soon), will be compatible with Microsoft 365 / Office 365 / SharePoint Online. Some of the new functionality is showcased below.

Use the button to register your interest and we will keep you up to date with our progress.

Library Settings

Activate DocRead365 on your lists and libraries. 

Once DocRead is deployed to a SharePoint Site Collection it can be enabled on any document library, by a SharePoint site owner, by clicking on the "DocRead" toolbar option and selecting "Enable DocRead".

This will open up a panel that allows you to select the library owners and the default DocRead templates to be used on on any assignments for documents on the library.

Assign default templates

Default templates for DocRead emails, task assignments and terms and conditions can be set at library level.

They can be overwritten at individual document level to provide maximum flexibility .

Specify Default Owners for a Library

Library owners control the DocRead functionality at Library level.

They can attach global audiences to documents in a library, edit global audiences, create and edit document audiences and attach document audiences to documents.

Image showing how to specify the library owners for DocRead

Document Settings

After DocRead has been enabled on a document library, items saved in it can be assigned by DocRead.

Select the relevant audiences for each document

Global audiences (audiences that may be used by other documents) or document audiences (identifying people for that document alone) may be used.

SharePoint groups or individuals can be used to compile the complete audience.

Each audience member will receive a unique task from DocRead.

Required or Recommended?

List the users (or groups of users) who are required to read the document in the required users box. Options to allow a set number of days, a fixed end date and also scheduling for repetitive tasks are available.

Users who would find the information useful, but it is not essential for them to read it can be listed in the recommended users box. 

All users will receive a unique task, however, only recommended tasks will fall overdue and have reminder emails sent.

Image showing the required user options