What is Smart Move?

Smart Move refers to the technology that detects when a user joins or leaves a group or audience. DocRead is able to utilise Smart Move to ensure that your users only ever receive the correct reading tasks.

For example, let’s assume that we have an audience for the ‘Sales department’ and another audience for the ‘Marketing department’.

When a user joins the ‘Sales department’ DocRead will automatically create reading tasks for all documents assigned to the Sales audience. If the user then leaves the ‘Sales department’ and joins the ‘Marketing department’ DocRead will automatically adjust their reading task list by deleting all incomplete tasks assigned to the ‘Sales department’ and create new tasks for documents assigned to the ‘Marketing department’.

All of this happens automatically without any user intervention and reading records for those tasks completed in the original Sales department are kept for future reference and compliance requirements.

Keeping your department or user groups up to date is essential, however this is normally undertaken as part of normal business processes which means no additional effort is needed for Smart Move to work its magic!

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