Microsoft HQ – here we come!

The Collab365 Summit (10-12th May 2016) promises to be one of my most exciting ventures so far. I'm finally going to tick off an item on my 'bucket list' that I was beginning to think I would never achieve - a trip to Microsoft Campus in Redmond!

I've worked with Microsoft technologies throughout my whole working life and, to some extent, I owe them everything. Learning, understanding and using Microsoft technologies has enabled me to gain vast experience working for a variety of companies throughout my career until I finally followed another dream and became my own boss as a Director of Collaboris.

At Collaboris we still rely on SharePoint technologies, our DocRead software is designed to run on top of a SharePoint environment and we have also built our conference platform in SharePoint 2013 Foundation so we have a massive vested interest in the latest developments and innovations announced by Microsoft. Which leads me to our latest venture, where better to learn all about the Future for SharePoint, than directly from the experts themselves!

The Collab365 Global Summit intends to do exactly that and, whilst we were at it, we thought it would be awesome to share the knowledge with the rest of the SharePoint world!

The conference production team and myself are heading across to Seattle next week to organize and broadcast over 120 hours of SharePoint and Office 365 information and innovation to anyone who cares to listen (so far over 4000 people have registered to attend!). The conference is free to attend, and the majority of sessions will be available 'on demand' 30 minutes after they finish in case the initial timing of them (each day starts at 8am PDT) doesn't work well for your location and local time zone.

​Whilst there we will be conducting live interviews with some of the SharePoint greats including Bill Baer and Mark Kashman with many other key SharePoint people scheduled to attend our studio over the 3 day event. In total over 120 people will be presenting sessions or attending the live discussions and expert panels so it promises to be an action packed event!

So it is with great excitement (and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly nervous about the whole project) I'm preparing to fly 'stateside' for the best part of 2 weeks to deliver what I hope will be the most memorable experience of my Microsoft career to date.