Streamlining Communications with DocRead & SharePoint

SharePoint internal communication activities can be greatly enhanced by a combination of SharePoint and DocRead. 

DocRead allows you to fully automate your internal communications within SharePoint. Automatically assign reading and training to new employees, ensure compliance with policies, and keep staff updated with announcements and news. 

SharePoint for internal communications

Such is the popularity of SharePoint as an enterprise platform that ‘SharePoint Internal Communications’ is now often seen as a discipline in its own right. The platform offers the comms professional a number of ‘out of the box’ features, including:


SharePoint is a powerful document management system. Features include version control, support for metadata, and check in/out. SharePoint can also be configured to support ‘web app’ versions of the popular Office suite, meaning documents can be viewed and even edited within an Intranet.


SharePoint offers a number of ways to distribute and store messages. These include dedicated ‘news story’ functionality called ‘Announcements’. This feature can be used to quickly push out stories via an Intranet, and supports rich media and email alerts. Later versions of SharePoint also support more social communications tools like newsfeeds and forum style functionality.

DocRead extends and supports SharePoint

DocRead is a powerful SharePoint tool that extends what SharePoint is capable of ‘out of the box’. It is extremely well suited to building tools for internal communications professionals, offering a range of features aimed at distributing messages and tracking engagement.

Arrows pointing to target
Target Documents

DocRead allows any document to be distributed to a specific audience of users, and will then request that they read and digitally acknowledge the contents by a specific date. DocRead make it possible for this functionality to be applied to any SharePoint list item, such as an Announcement.



DocRead offers a full set of features for tracking and reporting on non-compliant activity and users. Reports can be exported, filtered and sorted as required. Internal communications teams will find the ‘Overdue reading tasks’ report very useful for understanding the status of a particular campaign.


User reading laptop
Easy Distribution Of Any Content

Not only can you distribute Office docs, PDFs and Web Pages, but it's also a breeze to share a video with your staff and ask that they watch it by a deadline. Video's can easily be embedded into web page along with other content.



DocRead uses emails to alert users to new tasks and required reading. Automated emails are sent when tasks are ‘Assigned’, ‘Confirmed’ and ‘Overdue’. Emails can be customised to suit corporate branding and custom messaging can easily be added.